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Trained and experienced mediators from all around India and the world are invited to participate as expert assessors in Lex Infinitum: International Dispute Resolution Competition. Professionals will serve as assessors in the mock mediation sessions conducted during the Competition, who will evaluate and score the students’ performances.

Lex Infinitum will be accepting around 30 professionals to participate in the 2019 Competition. Basic requirements for participation as a professional are, inter alia, formal and thorough mediation training and experience in mediating commercial disputes.


  • Knowledge Sessions: Experts are given various ADR related topics and are invited to share their views on these topics through hour long ‘Knowledge Sessions’. These sessions provide the experts with a platform to expound upon the importance of ADR in real life situations, thus emphasizing the use and applicability of ADR to students. Experts are also invited to collaborate with one another to offer a fresh perspective on various issues.

  • Networking with ADR Professionals, Mediators and Mediation Advocates, from India and around the Globe.
  • Connecting with the next generation of mediation professionals and having the opportunity to offer mentorships, assistantships and other experience-generation opportunities, supporting them in their pathway toward experience.

Other Events

Lex Infinitum will be offering some of our experts the chance to conduct negotiation & mediation workshop for the participating students from India and around the globe. This would be an opportunity to imbibe the students with some key skills and principles that are foundational to negotiation & mediation.


Lex Infinitum is regrettably not in a position to cover costs for travel and hotel accommodation for everyone due to financial constraints. There is, however, only a limited number of accommodation that will be allotted at the discretion of the Organizing Committee on a first come – first serve basis. Therefore, each participant is responsible for his or her own expenses.

The Organizing Committee may provide participating professionals with a list of convenient hotels if so desired.



Please contact the Organizing Committee at

All professionals are invited to various social events that take place during the Competition.

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