An ounce of mediation is worth a pound of arbitration and a ton of litigation!”

                                                                                                                      -Joseph Grynbaum


The giant strides taken globally in the field of ADR have inspired V. M. Salgaocar College of Law to conceptualise LEX INFINITUM, an ambitious project which seeks to promote ADR in India and provide law students and ADR experts from all over the globe with a platform to network, innovate and keep abreast of the latest happenings in the field of ADR.

Lex Infinitum aims at promoting the use of ADR in India as well as abroad. The widespread use of ADR can only be accomplished by enhancing the popularity of ADR techniques among law students and young lawyers.

The Competition will be judged by accredited mediators and trained ADR experts which will provide the students with a wonderful opportunity to benefit from the experience and expertise of these professionals.

Lex Infinitum’s Three-Pronged Approach

I–The Competition


Lex Infinitum: VMSCL-WMO International Dispute Resolution Competition 2017 will provide law students from all over the world with an opportunity to showcase their Mediation and Negotiation skills. The Competition will be open to aspiring students from Law Schools/Institutes/Colleges from all over the country and abroad. A total of 24 Teams will participate in this Competition. Several scholarships, trophies, and awards will be up for grabs. Furthermore, the students will have the opportunity to interact with the foremost experts in the field of Mediation and will experience the thrill of competing against the brightest student minds of the generation.

II– The Workshop


The first day of the Competition will be reserved for a Workshop-cum-seminar held for the participating Teams (inclusive of coaches), and conducted by expert ADR practitioners from all over the country and abroad. This will not only serve as an ice-breaker for the Teams but will also facilitate an orientation into the goals and expectations of the competition as a whole as well as Mediation and Negotiation in general. It will also provide the perfect environment for Teams to network with experts and gain a better understanding about ADR and its scope and opportunities. A Panel Discussion will follow the Workshop. The Topic will be decided at a later date. This will be followed by a Q & A Session chaired by experts. This Workshop will provide lecturers in Law Schools, who are unfamiliar with ADR, with an opportunity to understand its perks and nuances through a kind of crash course.

III – The Practice and Preach Principle

The Mediation Week will be an annual affair. However, in order to ensure the spread of ADR among all sections of society as an acceptable and viable option of dispute resolution, the following steps have been proposed:
i) To mobilize free legal aid cells in the college to adopt a strategy to create awareness among villagers about the advantages of ADR. More than conflict resolution, these sessions would get neighbors talking instead of  gossiping, spouses loving instead of arguing and children mingling instead of being trapped in cages of prejudice and discrimination.

 ii) To ensure that legal aid cells focus more on the primary principle of client counselling. Very often, people may not want legal jargon or may not even want to battle in court; some just want to let it all out and share their troubles  and simply want to feel heard. This sense of security can be gathered only by being more proactive in client counselling.

iii) Creating awareness in schools and colleges. The concept, theory, and its execution module is currently under construction with the ADR board of VMSCL.

iv) Providing opportunities for former students of the college, who have ventured into avenues of ADR practice; arbitration, mediation, Lok Adalats, conflict resolution, restorative justice – to share their experiences and skills with  the juniors at some time during the year, in the form of guest lectures or seminars.

v) A prospective training course in ADR which will provide opportunities to individuals to enroll themselves in court-annexed local ADR activities.