The Organizing Committee of Lex Infinitum is proud to announce the 4th edition of

VMSCL International Dispute Resolution Competition  (Lex Infinitum 2019) which will take place from the

9th to 12th of January, 2019.



Sneak Peek


Lex Infinitum aims at promoting the use of ADR in India as well as abroad. The widespread use of ADR can only be accomplished by enhancing the popularity of ADR techniques among law students and young lawyers. Lex Infinitum: VMSCL International Dispute Resolution Competition 2018 has been conceived for just this purpose. The goal of this Competition is to provide law students with an opportunity to showcase their ADR skills and techniques and test their mettle against the creme de la creme of the law student fraternity.


The Competition will be judged by accredited mediators and trained ADR experts who will provide the students with a wonderful opportunity to benefit from the experience and expertise of these professionals.